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mmmm.. kawphy.


So, for those of you playing along at home, I got my coffee grinder in the mail on Tuesday. It's nice, shiney, and heavy as all get-out. Feels like it's made of solid lead, almost.

Last night, my beans arrived (orderd from a different place, trying out new flavors). 2 pounds of beans, one pound each of arabica mocca and India "gold nuggets" (hey, their name not mine). I got the mocca beans becuase as best as I can figure those are most likely the traditional turkish coffee beans (though I could be wrong), and the other type I snagged just to try something out (and meet the minimum purchase price for that particular store).

My first observation on the beans: 2lbs of coffee beans is a *LOT* of beans. I doubt I'll be able to drink this much before they loose their potency. This fact was driven home when I scooped out one demitass of beans for grinding. It didn't even make a noticeable change in the top level of the beans in the bag. This will certainly take a while to get through all them. Anyone want some beans? I would hate to see these go to waste becuase I couldn't use them in time.

Next came the grinding of the beans. The maiden voyage of this grinder. This is the first time I have a grinder that can get the beans fine enough for turkish coffee. It's also my first hand-powered coffee grinder. So this experiance was rather new for me. So it was with some excitement that I pulled the grinder open, poured the beans in (again lamenting that I have *WAY* too much), and started grinding away.

I never imagined it could take as long as it did.

Over 20 minutes (!) later, I'm finally finishing up the beans. They have been reduced to a fine powder. Just right.

So I cook them up, nothing overly new here, I kept the variation to a minimum as I just wanted to sample the flavor of the beans. I must admit I was pleased with the result. Not only did they have a very pleasing flavor and aroma, but this was one of the darkest, strongest batches I've made in a long time. I actually had trouble getting to sleep on time and I only had two demitass of the stuff! I suspect the grinder was part of the reason, becuase the grinds were so fine that they never really fell out of suspension. Even after letting the pot sit, there were stil grinds in the very first cup, and the mud at the bottom of the pot was minimal -- easilly one third what it normally would be.

I am quite pleased with the results so far. There's something about taking the time to grind the beans by hand right before you cook them. Granted, it can now take about 45-60 minutes for me to make coffee, but I think it's worth it. Proper coffe is more than just pour and gulp. One must take one's time and appreciate every step of the process.

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