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one thing that really annoys me - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 13.May.2003

9:01 - one thing that really annoys me

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(brought to my mind by another discussion going on, but the people I'm referring to here are not included in that discussion, so calm down)

It's when I'm trying to have a reasonable discussion with someone about some particular point that is close to me and I've done some work trying to gather evidence for my case, and the person I'm discussing it with says, "Oh, well you're just saying that because you care about the outcome and you just want to belive that it is the way you say it is". And then they procede to discount anything I may say to support my statements based on the fact that I care about my position!


Of course I care about my position! If I didn't, I'd say so and tell you I'm simply arguing it for the sake of argument! And since when does someone's personal emotional investment in a position invalidate any evidence that they might have gathered in support of that position? If a DA personally is upset by the fact that someone shot a child, it doesn't invalidate the fact that they have him on film doing the shooting. Why should my evidence or supporting facts mean any less simply because I care about the position I am trying to argue?

It's weak-minded statements like "well, you care too much so anything you say doesn't count" that really irk me. How can a person possibly think that makes any kind of sence? Moreover, after they say that, they get all smug and happy as though they somehow "won" the argument!

Probably the worst part of it, though, is that I run into freaks that do that all the fscking time! It's the main reason I've stopped voicing my opinion amongst the general public. Not because I'm afraid someone will try to argue it with me, I'm just a jaded bastard who's had to put up with ignorant nimrods saying my argument, no matter how perfectly logical and well-supported it may be, doesn't matter because I "care too much about the outcome".


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Date:12:59 13.May.2003 (UTC)
logic is the sole criteria by which to judge anything True, there are quite a few things that cannot be judged through means of reason and logic.

those who argue just to argue Sometimes I feel this is actually a good excersize. If you can make the argument in a reasonable fasion, then it's the best way to practice arguing skills.

they have examples . . . filter it through their own emotion . . . claim it is purely logic Here I'd have to be careful. Quite often it is easy to do that by accident. Happens to me often, and I'm ashamed of that fact and trying to get better at it. If you feel someone's doing it, you have to tell them and let them restate their points. If they refuse to, then yes just leave the argument because they've reduced it to an emotional endeavor.
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Date:10:28 13.May.2003 (UTC)
That's what frustrates me about most of humanity (at least from my point of view) - they argue with a lack of reasoning or logic to such a degree that I honestly with I had a logic stick to beat people over the head with. Seriously arguing, not just the kind of sarcastic joking that I do.

Especially for statements like "I can't be racist cuz I'm not white" or "I can't be sexist cuz I'm not a man". Maybe it's the white male in me, but I've about had it with taking that bullshit.

We need to invent a logic stick, man.

In the mean time, a plain stick will just have to do... ;)
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