Lograh (lograh) wrote,


Seems to be a bug in my filesystems somewhere. All of a sudden, my windows partition is non-readable to anyone but root.

Hence I can't run the windows programs as anything but root. Problem is, WINE doesn't work the same when root is running it as it does when a normal user is running it.


On the plus side, I can run ghost explorer through WINE and am currently restoring all my data from the backup image I made shortly before I switched. yay!

And the great thing is: My home partition (where I'm restoring the data to) wasn't big enough to hold all the data, so I was able to go into the partition manager and increase the partition size to be big enough for the data. This was all without any restart of the system, it just resized on-the-fly. Moreover, I was downloading a file to that directory in the background!

I know all you people who have been using Linux recently will say, "old news", but for someone like myself (whose prior Linux experiance was back in '92) this is a really neat innovation! To be able to resize (well, increase the size of at least) a partition while it is mounted and actively in use is REALLY F*$&ING COOL!

In other news: I had a nice lunch today at Elephant Bar, found out that another IT here is into photography, I'm part of a group that is now meeting to draft our campus policy regarding incomming spam (if/how to filter it, etc..), I had yummy ice cream last night at free-scoop night, I was stressed that I may not get all the bills paid on time yesterday, but I managed to submit the payment orders before the cut-off time, and I'm now headed home because this data restore process is going to take FOREVER (roughly 20GB).

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