Lograh (lograh) wrote,

So then,

I finally get around to some re-arranging of my office that I've been putting off as of late, and I must admit I'm quite pleased with the results.

The only problem being, I discovered about 3 types of Tea that I had forgotten were in here. They were buried at the back and bottom of the tea-pile I've been collecting and were only unearthed as I was moving the tea to it's new location (which unfortunately doesn't have enough room to hold all the teas, but I'll be taking a few types home as they are more suited to that environment anyway).

This is sad, that I should have so many teas here at work that I honestly *forgot* about some of them that were in the back. One in particular I remember as being quite yummy. It's a Mango Ceylon with Vanilla blend that gives out a pleasing aroma and posseses a delicately rich flavor to match.

All told, I have 19 different teas here (and that's counting the Tazo Asstd. box as one). About 5 of them I'll be taking home today.

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