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woah, slick. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 22.Apr.2003

11:17 - woah, slick.

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play some snog

  4 songs added to playlist
  snog - manufacturing consent is playing

play snog
  43 songs added to playlist
  snog - bank is playing


wow. this is one cool mp3 player! if I only tell it to play "some" of an artist, it just randomly selects a few songs (good ones, too) and queues them up! I can't wait till I've used it enough to fire up "the brain" and test it out.


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Date:11:58 22.Apr.2003 (UTC)
ok, what is it?
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Date:13:58 22.Apr.2003 (UTC)
Synapse. I'm still testing it out, which is why I've refrained from posting anything about it. I dunno if it's actually worth recommending or not yet.

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