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wow - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 21.Apr.2003

17:16 - wow

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643 pictures. That's how many I'm downloading right now.

Macklinr : tell your grrl I thank her for taking so many pictures of the event. I may actually need to use more than one CD for them all!


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Date:17:55 21.Apr.2003 (UTC)
cant wait to see them ALL. heh Hurry up yo!
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Date:0:00 22.Apr.2003 (UTC)


You know, what? I enjoyed it. It's not everyday that I get to play with a very expensive auto-focus camera. And considering that I'm a total novice when it comes to photography, it's a real treat to be able to cheat like that.

Overall, I'm just glad that you appreciate the amount of pics, instead of being overwhelmed. When I lived in MI, I had a professional photographer as a friend, and he told me that the one thing about shooting a group function was to take lots of pictures. Since you can't control what the people around you are doing, you'll end up with plenty of pictures you can't use, but for every photo you take you increase the likelihood of getting that picture perfect one. So, that's what I was going for. I'm just glad you’re the one that has to go though, select, and edit them... I fear that if it were my job, I would spend far too much time agonizing over and editing photo that just need to be thrown away.

As a side note: While I didn't get every move of any of the games, I did hear your concerns about not getting enough play shots for DCT2, and tried to get more pics of chess boards this time around.
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