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Ox: your stuff is ordered. I have the drivers on my USB drive, so we can try them out when I get home.

I still haven't thought about the movie this friday.. I may, or I may not. I have to stop by Hoppy on the way home and have a beer or two, the chess tournament is this saturday..

I had yummy bagels today.. Jennifer stoped by Noah's on the way in and picked up some, so I had nummy Noah's bagels.. that and an icky grilled veggie burrito I picked up from the CoOp last night. icky.

I'm so damn tired. I also spent about 30 or 45 minutes fighting with the damn vmware before I found out that SuSE 8.1 is an unsupported host system. 8.0 is supported, 8.1 is not. go fig. :(

oh well, at least I have good tunes.. I've also found out that Jennifer has never seen Zim, so I'm going to burn off the first 5 or so episodes and go show them to her.

and, of course, much working.. feh.

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