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lunch - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 10.Apr.2003

15:05 - lunch

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wow.. I had fun. Met up with Jennifer and two of her friends (Jen and....er.... someone else) and we played poker while we ate. Veggie Pizza and Beer (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale) did me just fine.

I lost my chips miserably.. We played a combination of 5 card draw, 7 card stud, and texas hold'em. I had a great time, though, in spite of loosing so much. That and my tolerance is so low these days that I'm still feeling the effects of the beer.

Either that or it's the poison fumes in this building (see my earlier post re: burnt monitor) getting to me again, because I can still smell them.


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Date:17:24 10.Apr.2003 (UTC)


Jennifer who? do I know her? as in the Jennifer who when to Johnson?
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Date:7:42 11.Apr.2003 (UTC)

Re: who?

no, you don't know her. This is someone new.
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