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gah! - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 10.Apr.2003

11:48 - gah!

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for some reason I keep thinking it's Friday...

I had trouble waking up this morning.. I'm so bloody tired...

I had to deal with a monitor that fried today, noxious fumes *EVERYWHERE* (serious, you can smell them on the entire bottom two floors in this building).. Now I have this terrible headache and slightly light-headed, and a touch of nausea.


And, of course, the breakneck pace of trying to get the entire college moved over to a new network configuration hasn't let up yet. Just a few more days, though, and we should be mostly done and can start to slow down then.

Why can't today be Friday????


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Date:12:29 10.Apr.2003 (UTC)


need help? I have a strong back. ;-)
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Date:13:03 10.Apr.2003 (UTC)

Ya know,

You should make a note of this day. That way when time travel becomes possible, your future self can come back and grab your present self and take him to tomorrow. That way you can avoid the whole day and have the weekend coming.

Though it will probably just mean more work on Friday. And I am willing to bet the state will not accept temporal displacement as an excuse for sick leave. But now that I think about it, if you are taken to Friday you will two of you to do whatever you need done, so the work should get done faster.

Oh yeah. Make sure you grab yourself after you read this. If you take yourself before you read this, you will have never read, never had the idea, and cause a paradox. Then we will have to wait for some time traveler who needs something to or just need an extra card to patch it.
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Date:15:02 10.Apr.2003 (UTC)

Re: Ya know,

hrmm.. if I grabbed myself after I read this, then I'd still get to have the fun lunch (beer and poker with Jennifer, Jen, and a friend of theirs), and I'd get done with today quicker... that wouldn't be too bad!
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