Lograh (lograh) wrote,


... it's what sneaks up on you when you're not looking and suprises you when you turn around.

Notable events of this week (so far)....

-) 2 of 5 Hard Drives on our server crash.
-) Went playing pool last Friday with some folks from work after the server crashed (we needed the beer and relaxation).
-) *0* pictures have been taken (I hope to change this today right after I finish this entry), mostly because the server crash has forced me to work a lot.
-) Got my first crown put on one of my molars.
-) had lunch with one of the co-workers from the pool night.
-) did another music downloading binge. Got tons of classical this time.
-) got had a cutie flirting with me on the Light Rail on the way home one night.
-) got paid (tends to make some other things easier)
-) reinstated my Mensa membership (don't ask why, just felt I should).
-) will be going with aforementioned co-worker to a juggling thing she does tomorrow night.

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