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I can't sing!!! - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 25.Mar.2003

8:59 - I can't sing!!!

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Okay, so I never could. Now it's less than normal. Here I am trying to sing along with the music (currently a "You spin me round (like a record)" remix) and my voice is physically incapable of hitting any note other than "frog".



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Date:9:12 25.Mar.2003 (UTC)
Yeah, I can blame it on being sick right now. Unfortunately, my singing isn't all that much better when I'm not sick. :)
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Date:11:45 25.Mar.2003 (UTC)
if you wanted to, try an altoid. I find altoids open my pipes and ease my throat, especially from coughing pains. I love singing to my mp3 collection and do karaoke and a local choir, so, I sing a lot. I may not be that great, but I do it, whether THEY (the public) like it or not! :-P mwahaha! But in all honesty, you probably arent as bad as you think at singing, usually, I find, the people who think they are great stink, and the people who think they stink arent half bad.
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