Lograh (lograh) wrote,


So, here I am in Chico.. A few observations:

-) The campus here is very pretty. I was mistaken in my former opinion as it was based on incomplete knowledge of the campus. I have seen more of it and decided that I do like it.
-) Sierra Nevada makes some damn good dark beers.
-) I am bored stiff at the prospect of any sessions right now, so I'm not attending this next hour's offerings and am sitting here getting my LJ fix in. And will shortly be taking pictures (none of which will turn out, because I suck, but that's another story).
-) The Dell PDA, while it does support CF type 2, does not have any CF eject mechanism, and my microdrive was almost lost for good. I was displeased.
-) Sierra Nevada makes some really DAMN good dark beers.
-) geek chicks rock.
-) Hotel food is toxic.
-) Sierra Nevada makes some REALLY DAMN *GOOD* dark beers. :) I'll try to get my hands on a case of one, if possible.

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