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Monday, 17.Mar.2003

8:41 - wow

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What a great and woderful weekend that was..

Glo-Bowling, Wandering Suter Creek, Amadeus... All things we almost never do, and every one of them a wonderful fantastic experiance.

Well, except for eating at the Outback Steakhouse. They used some weird sauce on the Swordfish that made it truly disagree with my system.. I couldn't down more than a few bites of it before I had to give up on the endeavor.

We truly must do weekends like that more often.. Not more than once a month, perhaps, but they must be repeated. Expensive, yes, but well worth the cost. Particularly if we can see shows of that caliber each time! I've bookmarked that theatre company's website and will be trying to go to their next few productions as well.

Everyone reading this who has any interest in theatre at all simply *must* go to see this play. The quality of acting is nothing less than superb.


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Date:10:18 17.Mar.2003 (UTC)
If the same thing is done too often, clearly not. And this is something we have to be careful to avoid. However, I think that if we keep the non-regular activities to once a month or less, and if we do different activities each time (as we are somewhat planning on trying), then they should remain sufficiently unique to be special.

And even if they do loose their uniqueness, as long as the activities are sufficiently enjoyable I don't think I'd have a problem with continuing them. Sometimes a change in lifestyle can be for the better. One must guard against falling into ruts of habit -- especially at my age. I'm not all that far from my thirties and I don't want to have my life turn into a "What are we going to do tomorrow night? -- Same thing we do every night." situation (unless, of course, by "same thing we do every night" I mean try to take over the world in some wild and crazy way -- that could be fun).
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Date:11:18 17.Mar.2003 (UTC)


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Date:3:17 02.Apr.2003 (UTC)


Damn, I was supposed to go see Amedeus... friend of a friend was in it and i had a record for him. but friend number one failed to take me for free when she was in town, and i'm one poor summbitch. you'll have to tell me about it sometime..

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