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W007! - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 12.Mar.2003

9:04 - W007!

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Because I'm just *THAT* GOOD!!!

Ohh Yeah, Who's yer daddy!?!
<dancing duration="mercifully short" type="geek-boy">
Uh.. Uh.. Uh..
Oh yes, this is truly why I love my job..

Damn fscking lpr headaches that had me in fits for about 4 hours yesterday and another 2 hours today are GONE!!

Plus, the uber-bonus, I now know vast ammounts more about LPR/LPD and CUPS and how they interact with both Jaguar and Redhat (and they with eachother).

Everyday a totally different challenge. Yesterday: Mac/Unix printing integration. Today: how to file my notes from all that so I don't loose them in the piles of crap on my desk!

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Date:18:20 12.Mar.2003 (UTC)

Is there a HOWTO for whatever you did...

... to solve this issue? Bcause I haven't found it yet. I've got CUPS printing test pages; both through the CUPS webadmin and through KDE's admin ... but the LPR/LPD side is still sending print jobs off to the phantom zone.

Do you have to set the printcap file & queues separately? According to what I've read, you don't have to ... CUPS install should have done that ... but what I've read of course isn't working.

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Date:7:30 13.Mar.2003 (UTC)

Re: Is there a HOWTO for whatever you did...

er, I'm not sure, actually.. The Redhat computer didn't have CUPS installed, so the admin there just set up a simple lpd spool for the laserjet, and put everyone into the hosts.allow file so they could print. The Jaguar computer is the one that had CUPS installed.

As for a howto, I couldn't find one. www.macosxhints.com had a few messages that were close enough for me to figure out the parts that were different, though.
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