Lograh (lograh) wrote,

last weekend....

I rode my bike! Twice, no less!

Granted, they were pathetically short rides, just downtown and back, but considering that for me the most difficult part is actually getting the bike down and leaving the house, it was quite an accomplishment. I did manage to do it, though, on both Saturday and Sunday! Plus, with the weather turning toward Spring, I might actually be able to continue this as a weekly excursion. The sun and wind will do me good, the physical excersize will do me good, the "I did it" bonus will do me good. It basically is a "good thing" for me to ride my bike, no matter how pathetically out-of-shape I am and how depressingly short my trips are because of this physical lacking.

Who knows, if I manage to turn this whole bike-ride thing into a weekly excursion, I might just start feeling every so slightly better about myself and there could actually be some non-whiney entries here! Wouldn't that be grand? :)

Just don't hold yer breath waiting for them, though.

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