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Monday, 10.Mar.2003

8:32 - feh

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gurble narf feh.

Timing, more than anything else in this world, matters. I came to this relization many many years back, yet for some reason I seem to forget every now and then. I do belive it's true, though, that timing is everything in this world.

I had a weird dream last night.. one that I'll not go into here, but suffice to say it will lead to much bitching and whining from me in the future (so, in other words, it's effects will be unnoticeable and I'll behave pretty much like I allways do).

Oh, and for some reason I really like this new pic of me. I'm working on it's full-size version and just can't get rid of all the noise (it was a 30 second exposure) so I'll likely never post it, which is a shame since it has real potential. I'll have to remember to attempt it again with a camera that handles long exposures better than my current one.

This wonderfully shallow and pointless entry brought to you by the letters ζ, ϒ, and the number ℵ. (bonus points to anyone who can tell me what number that is -- ie: it's history and why it's a particular number (kinda like pi))


Date:8:56 10.Mar.2003 (UTC)
If you use photoshop, try creating a duplicate layer, using a fair amount of gaussian blur on that layer.. and adjust the layers opacity until you're satisfied. It's worked for me before (to various extents) on long exposures that are very noisy. You've probably tried this already, but I figured in case you hadn't.. there ya go.

And yes, it is a great shot.
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Date:9:32 10.Mar.2003 (UTC)
oddly enough, I overlooked that one. Tried everything else I could think of, but forgot that method for some reason..

Thanks for reminding me, I'll give it a shot today.
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Date:11:03 10.Mar.2003 (UTC)

in the future

if you need clean-up help or what not, please just let me know.

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(Deleted comment)
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Date:10:31 10.Mar.2003 (UTC)
yup, just checked it in IE, didn't work.. Sorry, I figured they'd show in everyone's browser..

That's weird.. they don't show in Netscape, either.. Phoenix shows them just fine, though..

I swear I pulled the codes straight from W3C recommedations for HTML4.. I wonder why they aren't showing in all the browsers..
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