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I guess it's just a phase - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 07.Mar.2003

10:42 - I guess it's just a phase

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I don't post anything of relative import here now.. I haven't for quite some time.. I'm beginning to question if I ever did.

I'm not sure if I like this or not.. On one hand, I would like to remove all the fluff from my posting here, but on the other I realize that there'd be nothing left. I just don't post anything serious on this journal. The reason is simple enough, I'm a private person. I don't feel it's any of anyone's business.. For the past few days, I've started thinking I should change this.

Yes, it's obviously triggered by some of the people on my friends list. But I like the idea, and I see it as being a "good thing". It could help to better myself if I were more willing to air my dirty laundry here. Dust off those skeletons and bring them out of the closet, as it were.

Problem is, the past few times I've tried something like that, the person wound up using it against me. I realize it's my own damn fault, but it's still hard to shake the memory and get over it. If only people were more trustworthy.

I'll likely not change. You'll continue seeing nothing here more significant than basic fluff and whining, with the occasional picture to break up the pointless crap.


Date:11:04 07.Mar.2003 (UTC)
As an alternative, you could always post the personal stuff as private entries, which only you could see... or you could filter your posts so that the more sensitive stuff could only be seen by people you felt wouldn't use it against you.

I sympathize with this, as I've had to deal with similar issues myself. I opted to take the second route, so now I think before I post anything, "Who would I NOT want reading this?" It's kinda sad, but it beats letting the Visigoths scare me out of using my own journal.
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Date:11:15 07.Mar.2003 (UTC)
Yeah, I've thought about the "private" entries before, but I know far too much about computer systems to actually belive they are in any way secure. If I don't want something to be read by anyone, I'll write it down and burn it (done that a few times before).. If I want it for my personal reading only, I'll put it in a paper journal and just trust that people won't read it (worked well up untill someone read it). As for the special "trusted" group, I'm toying with that idea.. Problem is, the people who used info against me were initially people I felt I could trust.

I dunno.. I'll figure out something eventually..
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Date:12:29 07.Mar.2003 (UTC)
you're in two dot ellipses mode.. this is a bad sign..

and for what its worth, you can trust me.
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Date:13:25 07.Mar.2003 (UTC)
yeah, the two-dots are a harkening from way in my past.. they show up every now and then when I get into particular moods.. Just like peach pits, this too shall pass..
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