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oh, this is too funy. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 05.Mar.2003

7:50 - oh, this is too funy.

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got the link from teoti. This webpage is just 8 pictures of things you don't see everyday.

Very funny.. Perfect way to start your day.


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Date:9:06 05.Mar.2003 (UTC)

Hee hee

Ok, ususally I don't like this kind of thing but those are really funny.

And I think I know one of those old ladies.
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Date:9:43 05.Mar.2003 (UTC)

Re: Hee hee

you know an old biker lady? cool!

personally, I liked the one of the network room (with all the wires) and the UPS/FedEx accident.
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