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ub3rg33Ki! - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 24.Feb.2003

15:20 - ub3rg33Ki!

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So, I've installed an ssh client for Windows (not entirely sure why, as one came with Cygwin also, I just kinda did it "because"). I also have Cygwin installed along with Xfree86 on top of that.. I'm now connected to a SuSE Linux box I'm setting up and running Xsessions through an ssh tunnel.

got root?


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Date:16:01 24.Feb.2003 (UTC)
And this is exciting because?
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Date:16:18 24.Feb.2003 (UTC)
It's something new. I haven't had to do this yet for my job, but now I do.
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Date:16:56 24.Feb.2003 (UTC)
Geektoys need no excuse :-)
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