Lograh (lograh) wrote,

well, *this* sucks...


So, yesterday I tried to get some money from the ATM and I find myself presented with a nice little red window saying my account was unavailable at this time. I've had this happen before so I brush it off without much concern. I go back later in the day to try again and meet with the same friendly red window. This is starting to be of some concern, but with the day being as busy as it was I didn't have time to call the bank on it.
This morning I try again and find myself presented with this nice red window once again. This time, I have a few minutes so I actually get around to calling the bank. A pleasant lady kindly informs me that my card is "in transition" and thus cannot be used anymore. Why they don't just say it's "dead" is beyond me, but this is beside the point. So I ask them if there is any particular reason *why* they decided to kill my card without notice, and they say that they sent my new card out to me and it should have arrived now, which is why their system automatically killed my old card. I inform this nice lady that I have not received any such card and was actually starting to wonder where it may be (current one expires this month). She said she'll mark the new one as lost and re-send another card (after verifying my address and such) as the old one was sent the 19th of Jan and surely would have arrived by now had there not been any problems. She says the new new card should arrive in about 5 days, at which time I can start using it with my old PIN and such. I thank her for this and ask if she can re-activate my old one till then, at which point she says that's not possible with their system.

So, the upshot of all this? I'm card-less for about a week now. Fortunately there are two local branches within easy walking distance of here, but still it's a bit of a bitch having to go in to do my business. I much preferr the ATM, as the ratio of idiots using the ATM seems far lower than the ratio of idiots doing banking at the teller counter. All this, right before the weekend when I usually do all my shopping and other errands. Now I have to carry cash for all this stuff.

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