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grrr.. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 11.Feb.2003

10:05 - grrr..

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I may be comming down with something. I again had trouble sleeping last night. This time I woke up early morning with a stuffed runny nose that needed blowing. I then fell back to sleep till 6, at which point I woke up still tired and groggy..

All this, and I had "Regret" by New Order stuck in my head all morning. If that's not a sign of illness, I don't know what is.


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Date:10:29 11.Feb.2003 (UTC)
There's some fucking up flu going around. I got it now. It's possible I gave it to ya Saturday, I felt kinda crappy but I thought it was left over fom being sick the week before. If so, I'm aorry about that.
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