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well, *that* was an hour well spent. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 10.Feb.2003

16:41 - well, *that* was an hour well spent.

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hacking away at a computer trying to figure out why it's not working (the one task it needs to do is access a particular website, which it wasn't doing). All sudden-like I get the bright idea, "hey, let's try this site from a different computer"..

Turns out the damn site's been down all day! There wasn't anything wrong with the computer on our end. gah!

I felt both releived (I spent a month getting this computer configured right) that it wasn't a problem on our end and idiotic that I didn't check the site from somewhere else first.


Date:19:32 10.Feb.2003 (UTC)
I cant even begin to say how many times Ive done that before, gone so far as taken the computer apart, swapped cards, swapped CPUs, memory, gone mad .. and the problem was a bad install CD of Windows XP and not a faulty system! :-) Its usually the smarter people who try the simplest solutions last. ;-)
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Date:20:54 10.Feb.2003 (UTC)
On occasion I do that at work with customers. Sometimes merely rebooting the computer is the last solution I tell them, and ended up being all that was needed.

Sometimes, thought. Other times I jump on the "did you reboot your computer? do it" wagon right away. Scattered is the tech mindset.
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Date:9:11 11.Feb.2003 (UTC)

Re: This comment is entirely tongue-in-cheek and not serious.

heheheh. yeah, that's about how I felt.
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