Lograh (lograh) wrote,

can't sleep... must.... update..... journal....

damn I'm tired today.. I feel like I didn't sleep at all last night.

So, on Saturday Macklinr came over and we played a little Intimate Diplomacy. It was fun. Damn close at one point, too. I started out the game with some good bids, and managed to set myself up for some good growth in 01 and 02. My screwing up the orders in S02 caused me to not grow quite as nicely as I had planned, but I still managed to outpace Macklinr. In the end, he conceded the game when I got my 18th center in S05 and was poised to gain numbers 19 and 20 in F05, with 21 in S06.

It was nice to look at Europe like that again. To try and coordinate the movements of the troops for the best result. The bidding also ads an interesting aspect to the game that's fun to toy with every now and then.

I do so want to play a full game sometime soon, though. Problem is I don't know 6 other people who I can play with. grrr...
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